Apr. 23rd, 2010

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So, obviously, I haven't been updating here. Rather than bore you with the minutiae of days past, I think I'll just jump right back in and bore you with the minutiae of today!

I'm currently about 75% through our latest project, a sci-fi/space opera/caper novel. It's clocking in around 55,000 words at the moment, but we still need to write at least another 4-5 crucial scenes. I'm writing it with my partner (we publish together as Shea Meier), and we're not quite sure how we're going to give these guys up when we're done. It's FUN to write. I think I finally understand what the HELL my main character is doing, and can proceed accordingly. Well, I understand what ONE of them is doing. The other two are easier to follow along with, since they don't feel the compulsive need to lie when the truth would fit better. I got to share writing I'm proud of with my best friend, which I haven't done in... lots of years, anyway. So that was cool.

Supernatural continues to try and break my fucking heart every week. Glee continues to be a shiny ball of crack, now available in office-ready travel packs! (We had an office Glee and Pizza party on Wednesday. It was the Power of Madonna, people! It compelled us!) Psych is easily the most ridiculous show I've ever seen, and I love every stupid second of it. Only two and a half more seasons before we're caught up! Waaaah!

How's your life going?


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