Dec. 17th, 2010

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I have had a beautiful, amazing, life-affirming year.  I am so grateful for all my friends-who-are-family, for all my family-who-are-friends.   To all the people who gave me a chance this year, from my publishing company, to my astonishingly wonderful editor, to each and every reader who spent their time and money on our stories. 

I want to give out some holiday cheer, to thank the Universe for making my year absolutely magical.

What's more, I want you to feel like you can make someone's holiday brighter, so I need your help. 

I will be giving out three (3) $25 gifts, either in the form of PayPal payments, or Amazon gift cards.  Your part goes like this- give me the name and email of someone you know who needs it.  Someone who wants to buy their kid a present, someone who needs some help with groceries, or someone who has been there for you.  Give me your name, the name of a friend, the name of a family member, but make sure that I have an email address to send the gift card to.  I will choose 3 winners via random name picker on Monday, December 20, 2010 around 12pm (noon) EST.  Gifts will be made in US funds, but international entries are welcome.

All comments are screened, so that personal information doesn't escape into the wild.  You can post names, or stories, or anything else you want, and only I (and my co-author, Michelle Moore) will see it.  I will not choose based on merit, because frankly, I couldn't possibly decide the merit of someone else's need. 

Please feel free to pass the information along in any format you care to- link, twitter, facebook, or some other social network that will eventually rise up and overthrow us. (Skynet, I SEE YOU!)  You do not need my permission.

On Monday afternoon, I will notify the person who nominated, and I will send their choice of PayPal or Amazon to the winner, with a note that includes mention of the person who nominated them, unless the nominator requests anonymity.

The person who nominated a winner will be entitled to one free copy of our book, The Balance of Silence, or any story in the Shea Meier back catalogue, in the ebook format of their choice.  You are not obligated to take the book if you don't want it. ;)

IF YOU FEEL LIKE DONATING A $25 GIFT OF YOUR OWN, please email me, and I will post an addendum to the contest indicating that another winner will be chosen, thanks to you.  (reesah @ gmail (dot) com)

In the comment, please leave me the following information:
Your name and email address
Name and email address of the person you are nominating, if different. (Please do NOT feel shy about nominating yourself.)
Reason for nomination. (Not required, but feel free to share if you'd like.)

Ready? Set? GO!

(Totally inspired by the amazing work of The Bloggess.  If you feel your needs are better served there, please don't hesitate.  I figure that a little extra giving can't hurt.)


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