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Just a reminder that time is running out on our contests. Details below:

We're running contests- you can win a free copy of the book in the format of your choice, or, if you're one of the awesome people who has already purchased a copy, you could win a prize pack that has all KINDS of goodies in it.

The first is pretty simple- email us with the subject line "Balance", and you'll be entered to win a free copy in the format of your choice. Two winners will be chosen by random selection, and the winner will be notified by email.

We don't want to leave out the people who have already read the book, though! If you've purchased The Balance of Silence, send us some proof of it- a picture of yourself reading it, a screenshot of your receipt (all payment and personal information removed, obviously), even a favourite quote, or request for the phone numbers of the cover models. Just email us with the subject line "Goodie Bag", and you'll be entered to win a canvas tote bag full of prizes! The goodie bag includes all kinds of cool stuff with our fabulous cover featured prominently, topped off with delicious nomables, and a treat from LUSH! One random winner will be chosen.

Enter here to win a free copy of "The Balance of Silence"

Enter here to win a goodie bag full of "The Balance of Silence" prizes
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