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Nov. 28th, 2010 11:31 am
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My pants have filed for Chapter 11. I know I missed tons, so if it was important or you needed something from me, please smack me upside the head and point me in the right direction.

Phoenix was warm, and then not, and then warm again. My Gramma was a delight, my nephew is FREAKING HUGE (I think that kid is like, six feet tall!), my sister and I giggled so much that we gave ourselves incurable hiccups, my Mom is awesome and wonderful, my Dad was not feeling well, but it was good to see him, and my stepmom was really, really thrilled when I gave her the autoharp I fixed up for her. Also, Dad and Kelly's cat is 16 pounds of Maine Coon love.

I wrote some stuff. And we had Christmas, because fuck it, Jesus was probably born in September anyway, and I'm a pagan with agnostic leanings and notes of Quaker. (I need to stop reading coffee descriptions.)

In conclusion, Bookmans owns my soul, forever and always. If I ever do a book signing in the Phoenix area, I want it to be there.
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