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Have you been having a shitty year thus far? Have Thing #1 and Thing #2 been creating crazy numbers of other Things that just keep showing up on your doorstep, unwanted and without a return policy?

Ladies, gentlemen, persons, others, maybe I present, in the grand tradition of JJ Abrams:

2010: The Reboot!

My friend and yours, [profile] greenmtnboy18, The Emperor of Vermont, has this to say about 2010: The Reboot!

"By the power vested in me as the Emperor of Vermont, we hereby proclaim today, all remaining 90 minutes of it, to be the official end of 2010. Tomorrow, June 1, begins 2010 Reboot. 2010 2.0. Year ends. Starts over. (Lord High Inquisitor, make it so.)


Seeing as I have no noisemakers, I'll have to go out to the hotel parking lot and try to catch a Mahwah squirrel to swing around by the tail until he squeaks. Maybe toss a few acorns instead of confetti.

There you have it, folks! Go find yourselves a squirrel!

(I should note, I have no problems with 2010, but I'm fully behind this plan because so many of my friends have had the shit kicked out of them by the last 6 months.)


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