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We just got the new cover art for our next book, The Slipstream Con.  It is, to say the least, REALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

The Slipstream Con by S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore

I'm kind of in love with it.  No, I'm REALLY in love with it.

Kanaxa has outdone herself on this one, presenting us with Kellen, Tal, and Vanya in a way that's nothing short of arresting.  And speaking of arresting, Vanya's gun isn't just for show.  She and Tal are going to be thankful they're armed by the time they capture Kellen and figure out how to save him (and themselves!) from the crime lord who wants his stolen nanotechnology back.  Did we mention that the nanotech is illegal?  And that Kellen might not be able give it back?

Yeah.  Vanya's pretty happy about that gun.

The book comes out in April, but I think until then, I'm just going to be staring at the cover!
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